Video - Zanivuta

The Indigenous Communities of South America.

There will never exist a better moment than now if we want to listen and learn from people that came from different and distant cultures. Their traditions and knowledge, that is going back thousands of years, is going to be lost if we don't act now.

Followed by the actual general chaos, it’s important for humanity to listen to other perspectives, other perceptions of the world, that can make our values and knowledge deeper.

The Uekani Association - Culturas Ancestrales - have the intention of contribute with audiovisual projects. By a collaboration between indigenous writers from different communities, Mayas Zapotecs and Zoques, and from another communities around Mexico and audiovisual professionals from México and other international countries.

We want to create documental content in the native language, with subtitles in different languages. The propose is to create an impact not only in the exterior world, but also within the communities.

Otra Mirada, Another Look, is a program of cinematographic original pieces, written and realized by specific social groups, whose point of view has never been explored before. The documentaries are meant to be shown within the communities itself, trying to generate a reinforcement of the cultural heritage. 

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